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About Scianema

About the film show

Over the years, Sciaena has taken part in various events related to film screenings, and in 2016 it decided to create its own format, open to the public and better adapted to national realities – Scianema. It consists on the screening of documentaries dedicated to the ocean and its conservation, and takes place in the first half of the year at the Teatro Lethes in Faro.

Through cinema, we want to capture the attention of children, young people and adults. We want to encourage, inspire, raise awareness and promote free access to this type of content, not only for specialists, but above all for the general public, in the Algarve or anywhere in the country.
Cinema is probably one of the simplest and most comprehensive forms of communication there is. We use the seventh art to facilitate scientific communication about the marine world and promote an open conversation that creates opportunities for researchers, students, filmmakers and others interested in film and media to come together, enjoy and discuss marine issues together.

Scianema – Mostra o Oceano. A selection of films to understand the ocean through the eyes of the beholder.