Sea of Sines

Sines, industrial complex and Atlantic port. The outlines of the large ships on the horizon have become a familiar image. But among these giants stand men and women who represent traditional fishing and the resilience of an activity that stubbornly resists the passage of time. Between tradition and innovation, fishing continues to be a living force in Sines.
Over the course of a year, the “Mar de Sines” team traveled along this coast and lived directly with its coastal communities, recording the way they live with the sea and its resources.
The sea is the point of attraction where all the protagonists converge. This sea is both the adversary to be faced and the parental figure who provides sustenance.
The film sets out in search of the strategies these communities have adopted to live in an inaccessible and inhospitable environment. From a simple raft made of reeds, to shellfish gatherers and more complex arts such as the trammel net and the seine, we discover the importance of gestures, sounds and artifacts that today stand on the edge of existence, such as the zinga, the chui, the ribileva, the clay alcatruzes or the appliance crates.
Based on collective memory, narrated in the first person, in a process of cinema with the community, three generations who made fishing their life are portrayed.






Diogo Vilhena